Meet the Team

Oliver Burkill_Jun21-22.jpg

Django Holder

Manc born music-loving Django brings a multitude of talents to the company. He’s a Sound Design graduate who most recently worked with the BBC on U.Me the Musical. He plays guitar in an acoustic duo and he’s an experienced theatre director (what can this man not do?!).

Bethany Fox

Originating from somewhere in between York and Scarborough, Beth is our writer/actress/Monica Geller (she could organise a piss-up in a brewery). She’s an Acting Graduate from LIPA who has been making audiences laugh since ’99.

Oliver Burkill

Barnsley-born and London-loving (though he'd never admit it) Oli is an Acting Graduate from LIPA. He has a special talent for crippling audiences (with laughter).
He also makes a cracking apple crumble.